Cloud technology is our core.

Citrus solutions provide better experiences with cloud technology,you can access the platform any time,any where and any devices. It can cost down with pay-as-you-use,expand easily as you grow. Join Citrus solutions,will change the way you manage your business.

Citrus make things happen,
make works smooth!

Citrus Solutions was founded at the year of 2016. We gather a small group of people whom have good experiences on cloud technology, networking structure, coding and F&B field.

We focus on developing a powerful platform but easy to expand, easy to load in various devices yet simple to use, collect a lot of sales data and easy to view.

We publish a series of web-service or API to provide our agent or distributor to customize their own interface in APP, report BI or any other functions that needed. With this service, the agent or distributor can reduce their communication with Citrus Solutions and provide better service to their customers.

You will find here

A total solution of POS system and great user experience


Simple to use, easy to learn. Support multi-language. Standalone store membership.


Support multiple kitchen stations and food ready stations. No server needed.


Self-ordering system that stands in front of the store to serve customers. Pay in kiosk or pay over the counter.

Mobile Ordering

Support Android system. Link to store POS system. Free to download.

Consumer Ordering

Tablet for customer on the table ordering. Automatically send to kitchen KDS or printers.

HQ Cloud

HQ system is cloud based PaaS model. Can support multiple POS system in large enterprise. Easily update items from HQ, view reports and inventory sorting.

Delivery App

Customer can install onto their phone for ordering delivery.

Membership App

Customer can install onto their phone for membership services, top-up store credit, and in-store payment.

Mobile Reporting

Link to cloud system for real-time reporting.

Queue System

Customer can print queue no. or scan QR code to receive a temporary waiting ID.

eMenu System

An app installed onto tablet to show menu items’ photo and description. Management can update menu easily.

Jenny One

Standalone ordering system. Support any Android platform tablet or mobile device.

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